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Welcome to Haneda Shrine

As UJIGAMI,tulelary Kami of Haneda,Haneda Jinja has many UJIKO,parishioners in all of the area of Haneda,including Haneda airport.
Especially,every airline company respects Haneda Jinja sincerely,many organizations who work at the airport wish the airtraffic safety through the year.

Many people have worshipped for a long time,hoping for the recovery from sickness. It was because that the deep worship of Kami cured the prevail sick of the first year(A.D.1861)of Bunkyu.
Originally,Haneda Jinja was established in the Kamakura era,800years ago, for the origin was Namekata Yojiro who was the feudel lord and a sailor of Hanedaura had enshrined Gozutenno in Jisyoin Temple which is next to us. The divine symbol,the soul of Gozutenno which had been enshrined there became independent as Yagumo Jinja in our present place in the first year of the Meiji era.
40years after that,the name was changed into Haneda Jinja.

Haneda Fuji,a small mountain 5meters tall,which is the cultural asset of Ota ward is located in Haneda Jinja.(on your left of HONDEN,main sanctuary)

Japanese translation

The Enshrined Kami

Susanoo no mikoto
Inada hime no mikoto

Main Divine Virtue

Guardian of the Region
Safety of Your Family
Airtraffic Safety
Transport Safety
Recovery of Illness


Name of the Festival

Haneda Matsuri

Date of the Festival

in the last Friday to Sunday of July,Every Year

The Beginning of MIYA MIKOSHI

From Haneda Jinja at 8:00a.m. on Sunday

The Beginning of the Parade, CHONAI MIKOSHI

From Bentenbashi at 3:30p.m. on Sunday

Japanese translation