Haneda Jinja (Shrine) is watched over and protected by many UJIGAMI, or guardian gods. Haneda Jinja has a lot of UJIKO, or parishioners, in all of the areas around Haneda, including Haneda airport. Haneda Jinja has been especially regarded with feelings of respect and reverence by every airline company. Many leaders of organizations who work at the airport visit and wish for air traffic safety throughout the year.
 Many people have worshipped for a long time at Haneda Jinja, hoping to recover from illness. This tradition was started by the shogun TOKUGAWA Iesada, whose deep worship of the Kami was believed to have cured the prevalent illness smallpox in the first year of Bunkyu, in the Edo era (A.D. 1861). In addition, the couple composed of a male kami, Susanoo no mikoto, and a female kami, Inada hime no mikoto, have been deified at Haneda Jinja, and regular visitors pray for divine luck in conducting matchmaking or marriages.
 Haneda Jinja was originally established in the Kamakura era, about 800 years ago. Namekata Yojiro, a wealthy sailor and the feudal lord of the local area, Hanedaura, had enshrined the spirit of the deceased emperor Gozutenno in the Jishoin Temple, which is next to us. Haneda Jinja continued to be venerated by successive leaders, the Tokugawas, the Shimazus, and the Todos, etc., in the Tokugawa period (1600-1868).
 In the first year of Meiji Era (1869), to follow the new government issued ordinances to distinguish Shinto and Buddhism, the soul of Gozutenno, which had been enshrined in Jishoin Temple, became independent as Yagumo Jinja in our present place, and then 40 years after that (1907), the name was changed into Haneda Jinja. We had finished rebuilding the main shrine in 1988.

 Haneda Fuji, a small mountain 5 meters tall, which is the cultural asset of Ota ward is located in Haneda Jinja. (on your left of HONDEN, main sanctuary)

The Enshrined Kami :

Main Divine virtue :
Susanoo no mikoto
Inada hime no mikoto
Guardian of the Region
Safety of Your Family
Air Traffic Safety Transport Safety
Recovery of Illness
Fulfillment in Love


Name of the Festival : Haneda Matsuri
Date of the Festival : the last Friday to Sunday of July, Every Year
The Beginning of MIYA MIKOSHI : From Haneda Jinja at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday
The Beginning of the Parade, CHONAI MIKOSHI : From Bentembashi at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday

How to purify your hands and mouth

Before you pray,please purify your body and mind.
Please prepare handkerchief in advance.

  1. Take the dipper with your right hand.
  2. Ladle water and wash your left hand.
  3. Take the dipper with your left hand and wash your right hand.
  4. Take the dipper with your right hand again,and pour water into your left hand.
  5. Wash your mouth with water in your left hand. Be careful not to touch the dipper directly with your mouth.
  6. After washing your mouth,wash your left hand again.
  7. Finally,hold the dippe upright so the remaining water runs from it down the handle to rinse it, then replace it gently on the stand.

Please worship with sincerity.

Please worship with sincerity.

  1. Make a slight bow. Place a monetary offering in the box and compose yourself.
  2. Bow twice deeply.
  3. Clap your hands twice slowly.
  4. And bow once deeply.